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    Bermuda / Canada / NE

Bermuda Cruises Offer Something for Everyone

Bermuda offers cruisers an easy island getaway for those on the East Coast. With Cape Liberty in New Jersey acting as a popular departure port, Bermuda cruises can include journeys to the famed Crystal Caves, museums, art galleries, water sports, hiking, and golfing experiences the island is known for. Plus, all of our Bermuda sailings will visit stunning Newport, Rhode Island, famous for its historic mansions of the Gilded Age and dramatic seaside cliffs. If Canada is on your bucket list, in Halifax, Nova Scotia be sure to make your way to the top of Citadel Hill for panoramic views of the harbor city. Other cruise itineraries include an overnight stop in Quebec City, where you’ll quickly understand why it’s called the “Paris of America” after having a romantic dinner in a cozy bistro and walking along the city’s beautiful boardwalk. From natural beauty to urban sophistication, a Bermuda cruise offers something for everyone.

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